What is a pleat? And ways to prevent it

Pleated or vomiting is the excess of plastic parts that result from the penetration of molten plastic into the seams between the male and female parts of the mold during the molding operation and, after the process, remains attached to the product.

If creasing occurs when the mold fills, reduce the filling pressure. And if creasing occurs when the mold is closed, reduce the holding pressure.

Ejection symptoms

Ejection marks are a depression of the part that is caused locally on the product by the forces coming from the ejection jack. Sometimes this depression is accompanied by tension.

Increase the number of pins. Reduce the power of the ejector jack as much as possible.

The fly jack operates quickly, and the piece is still hot.

The fly jack works late, and as a result, the piece shrinks more.

Uneven length of blade rods, which causes the piece not to come out of the mold properly, and too much pressure is applied to it.

Another type of problem is that the part is easily detached from the mold and falls on the machine tray, resulting in the part being crushed.

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